Banga-Salidsid – Philippine Traditional Cultural Dance

Banga Salidsid is a beautiful and most interesting performance by Igorot girls and women. This dance has also been rightfully called “The balancing act of life” because life is full of hardships and challenges. Especially for women who struggle and juggle with problems every day.  Bangas are earthen potsthat are exclusively made by Kalinga women,…

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Food Culture in the Philippines

Filipino cooking is largely Influenced by Chinese, Spanish and Indian cooking. Rice is a staple among the Filipino population. Side dishes are normally accompanied, but never eaten without rice. Plain steamed rice is eaten with a variety of dry and wet spiced dishes.  Chicken and pork are eating regularly but a typical favourite of the…

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5 Unique facts about food in Philippines.

Pinoy food is a combination of inspirations from Chinese, Spanish, Mexican and Indian cuisines Filipinas are quite big on dipping sauces There is no meal without steamed rice Merienda everyday is a must Animal parts are never wasted.

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Dance Suites of the Philippines


Philippine folk dances consist of five major suites, namely Cordillera, Maria Clara, Muslim, Lumad, and Rural. Each of the suites involves a repertoire of folk dances that hail from different locations in the country. Igorot Suite (from Cordillera) Inhabiting the rugged terrain of the mountainous Central Cordillera region of Northern Luzon are six ethno-linguistic tribes…

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