Banga-Salidsid – Philippine Traditional Cultural Dance

Banga Salidsid is a beautiful and most interesting performance by Igorot girls and women. This dance has also been rightfully called “The balancing act of life” because life is full of hardships and challenges. Especially for women who struggle and juggle with problems every day. 

Bangas are earthen potsthat are exclusively made by Kalinga women, for cooking, fetching water, storing food and water and also to be sold to fetch income. This dance originated as part of daily life of these lowland women fetching water. A tightly rolled sheet of cloth is placed on a woman’s head for support, and on top of them the parks are piled. This activity starts among young girls carrying one part at a time and as they grow in age and strength, they carry multiple pots. By the time a girl which is a marriageable age, she would develop the grace and agility to balance five or six heavy pots. This has become an art, a skill and a talent as well. 

The dance starts off with women grooving to the rhythm of a melody from flutes and bamboo sticks. The women dance gracefully displaying stamina and strength, balancing pots, making complex arm and feet movements. As the music escalates they remove the pots and place it on the ground which later, one  chosen woman picks up the stack and balances the whole stack on her head. While the other women leave the dance grounds rhythmatically, the main woman continues to dance showing off charm and poise. 

Salidsid is a courtship dance. Here, the male dancer dresses as a rooster to attract the attention of the main woman. He uses a colorful blanket that looks like the colorful plumes of a rooster to attract the maiden.